Thursday, August 03, 2006

Monster Vans

When I was in high school I used to draw on my shoes. So after Squarehead and I saw Monster House the other day we went to the shoe store and I saw a pair of blank Vans and knew I had to return to my doodling roots and draw on them. So after the purchase of the shoes and some colored Sharpies I got to work. And here's what I did.

...left shoe in progress.

Mail Bonding

So I get this envelope in the mail today from my good friend, Jared Lindsay Clark, and inside the envelope I find this blank ledger paper with a letter enclosed detailing this idea of "mail bonding". Jared's idea is to send these blank sheets to his artist friends and have everybody put stuff on them and send them back to him where he will, I don't know, do something with them on the internet. Maybe. So I thought this was a fun idea and started right away and here they are. Love ya, Jared.